Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A great new designer discount site from Daily Candy! I have your free membership code!

We all love Daily Candy for their great beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips. Now they've come out with "Swirl," which is a site featuring sample sales from various designers. It's still in Beta but I thought I'd spread the word so you have one more way to snag your fave designer goodies for less. I've set up this referral link so you guys can sign up quickly and start being notified of future sales -or just start shopping now :)

Here's the link. Click on it or copy and paste it into your browser's url field. http://beta.swirl.com/invite/decorology

Here's a little peak at some of the stuff that's on sale right now -

Isn't this the prettiest bag? (Bags are from the Carla Mancini sale)

...from the Victorialand sale

...from the Lucky Brand Lounge sale...

Interested? Here's that link again (membership is free) http://beta.swirl.com/invite/decorology
You'll just need to enter the email address to which you'd like sale notifications sent, a password, and your zip code!

1 comment:

Ijeoma said...

Thanks for the tip, I love Daily Candy. I hope the discounts extends to us in the UK.

Happy September. x


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