Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A charming country home with style north of Copenhagen

One place we didn't visit on my travels, but is still very much on my travel wish list, is Copenhagen. I'm sure the architecture and shops would be right up my alley. Has anyone been to Copenhagen? What did you think?

The natural light in this home is great - also the architectural details like the radiator cover and top window pane.

I'm a sucker for detail shots :)

The look of all those books in the bedroom is really nice - but I'd be afraid I'd stay up too late each night reading.

This little spot in the yard is wonderfully wabi sabi no?

What do you think of this home? Close to your style?
via Indenfor and Udenfor


Elissa @ faucethead creative said...

Detail shots are my favorite as well. I always find myself taking a ton of them and rarely capturing a sense of space within a room. Woops! They're just so cute!

Lívia said...

ashley, copenhagen is to die for! But i'd recomend going up there when is not the high season. The place is so crowded during summer vacations that is impossible to walk around and visit some shops.
Anyway, it's great!!

Ijeoma said...

Very, very beautiful home. I really love the way that light just floods in from every angle, and that radiator cover is a practical beauty.

Overall gorgeousness!

Nuit said...

gorgeous outdoor areas!!!!


Ash, this is lovely. The Scandanavian style is clean & spare. So nice. So young.

Charlotta Ward said...

Lovely and so very Danish! Swedish style is a tad more formal but I love the warm and inviting decor of our neighbours and this would work for a holiday house near the sea. Denmark is a fabulous place to holiday and I can highly recommend you go!!

Thanks for sharing!

x Charlotta

Casa Bella said...

For some reason, this post made me smile. Maybe because each picture is outstanding and somehow I feel at home when I browse through them. Thank you. You made my day.


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