Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Cody!

Today my sweet dog Cody would turn 10 if he hadn't lost his awful battle to lymphoma a week before Christmas 2008. I'm still devastated and miss him everyday, and have since made many contributions in his memory to the Morris Animal Foundation's Cure Canine Cancer Campaign, BAFN, The American Cancer Society's Dogswalk Against Cancer and ran a marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training raising over $5,000 for research (with the help of donations from many of you!)

Give your pet a special hug today, or make a donation to one of these hardworking foundations that dedicates itself to keeping your friend alive and healthy.


Caitlin said...

This post brought not only a tear to my eye, but a smile to my face. Our pets are our family, and I totally understand missing them years later. I lost my cat four years ago and I still get so upset even thinking about her. I'm glad to see you have put your memories to good use.

Thanks for posting,

Caitlin from That house on the corner

Ashley said...

Thanks for your message Caitlin, and I'm sorry you lost your cat. Even though I still cry for Cody, I wouldn't change the fact that he was in my life!


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