Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Favorite images from my favorite blogs

Just another installment of "Favorite Images from my Favorite Blogs," and, as usual, chock full of gorgeous eye candy.

In no particular order -

Blu Label Bungalow
My favorite part of this image - the closet. One day - one day.

Organized shelves like these make me swoon.

Check out more at Blu Label Bungalow.

These dreamy images are from Mochatini.
What a great way to dine.

Last but not least, Katy Elliot's blog

I can't wait until I have a living room big enough that I can actually but a table behind my couch.

See more at Katy Elliott.


Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Lovely images...great start to my morning :-)

Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow said...

these pics are candy that's kind to the hips ;-)

thanks for the mention ashley and for the new blog referrals!

renee said...

That pink upholstered wall is beautiful!

Leah said...

Love that dining room with the yellow and benches. So pretty!

manvi @ mochatini said...

hey ashley, how lovely to see pics from mochatini and one of my own here. thanks! hope you're having a fab week. xo

Patricia Torres said...

truly awesome... images!!

little room la said...

beautiful~ these images make me want to curl up with a cup of tea.. alas, it is almost midnight and tea would only keep me awake longer!

Raru said...

so pretty... all of these images.
thank you.

Robin Charlotte Humphrey said...

I love the dark tones!


Oh yes, and that table is beautiful.


Loved your blog and these beautiful images. I will always make you new visitors! Make me one too www.justfourfriends.com, bjs Ju


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