Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A technique to inspire when you just can't figure out a room

Sometimes you look at a room and you just draw a blank - nothing about it inspires you or strikes a cord, everything you try just makes it look over decorated or outdated. Well, (and I know this technique is nothing new), how about taking a cue from the celebs or people in your life who've always inspired you? You know that person - they always look put together and just make you think - "I want to look like that, I want to emulate what he/she does." Instead of transcribing that to your appearance, transcribe it to your room's appearance.

Like Amy's fun but still elegant style? Like the colors of her apparel and makeup? Like her quirk and intelligence? It might take a little practice, but if you put together the elements of a room while keeping these characteristics in mind - you'll soon get the hang of emulating someone's style and presence via fabrics, furniture arrangements, art, and more!

Here are some samples I've put together

I took Amy's casual elegance - mixed with a little bohemian, and her love of jewel tones, and found rooms that speak to that appeal.
top right -House to Home, bottom left & right - House Beautiful

Interior designer Marlaina Teich took inspiration from Tina Fey's feature in Harper's Bazzar to create this stunning red bedroom - I love the fireplace front! She loved the way Tina popped off the gray background in her red dress.

Here's another board I created with Michelle Obama's fashion-forward, elegant persona in mind.
top left, bottom center - House Beautiful


Mrs. Priss said...

That's a great idea! Now that I think about it, I usually gain a ton of inspiration for different projects from magazine covers. Victoria Beckham on Glamour this month is a great one!

Sallie Ann said...

These are really beautiful. I especially like the Michelle Obama "looks," as I love the watery colors mixed with neutrals. Thanks!

Bailey @ peppermintbliss said...

Great advice. HGTV always tries to tell people this but I feel like they get too literal. "Oh, so you like that vase! Well it has blue, green, and pink in it. So do blue walls, green curtains, and pink bedding."
Ummm sure but not quite. It is about capturing the feeling too, the quirkiness or elegance or boldness of a person/item. You sing it sister!
W.W.A.A.D. (what would amy adams do)?

Demi said...

Love this!


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