Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My dream first day of spring outfit

I'm sitting here watching another 18" of snow fall on the 24" we received here in MD on Saturday. I'm just itching for that first day when it's 55 degrees - but I'll still be out there in a t-shirt just to feel some sun on my arms. Anyway, it's not going to be t-shirt weather anytime soon, but a girl can still dream!

I seriously might order those shoes - and that dress is adorable. What's great is this stuff is all affordable! It's also all from a really cute shop I just discovered (via Country Living's Bargain issue), called Lulus.

Bangles = $24
Dress= $45
Shoes = $85
Jacket= $40
Earrings= $17


Chic Coles said...

Very cute and springy! I can't wait to start wearing floral dresses and sandals.

Jessica said...

I can't believe the pocket-friendly price tags! The shoes are fantastic!

Claire (Things I Adore) said...

Those shoes are fantastic!

I too live in Maryland (Baltimore) and could really use some nice spring time escape from all this crazy snow! I took a bath today with some nice island scented bubble bath and just closed my eyes for a bit and dreamed of being in Hawaii. Stay safe and warm. Hopefully spring comes our way soon :)

The Designer said...

I cannot wait for Spring! Shoes, shoes and more shoes! My forsythia in the pot by my window is already blooming!

The Designer Insider

Megan said...

I cannot wait till spring


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