Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beautiful, peaceful bedrooms

I'm heading "home" this afternoon after living out of a suitcase since Dec. 28th. It'll be great to sleep in a bed and not a couch or a cot. I have gotten used to traveling and will miss it a bit, but a little time off the road will hopefully be recuperative and prepare me for my next round of travels! So, I thought some gorgeous bedrooms would be appropriate for today's post!

The natural light in this pastel bedroom is amazing

This bedroom is maybe a little more modern than I like but the clean lines make me feel like I could sleep all day -
images above via BHG

I'm a fan of benches or chest at the end of beds - and isn't the headboard adorable?

I'm really into sophisticated grays lately
images above via LivingEtc.

This is one of my favs - a modern retro bedroom with a twist of femininity and coziness.
via Decor8 on Tumblr

via Elle Decor


I'm a sucker for mix n' match bedding - it's just sometimes a lot easier "seen" than done.

I love this sort of vintage elegant bedroom - it's so indulgent

images above via ? (credits welcomed)

Which bedroom would you pick this weekend if you could stay in any?


Erin said...

Ohhhh wow these are all so beautiful!! H is from Country's one of my all-time favorites! The mix-and-match bedding and the aqua wall are just perfect in every way!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

My favorites are the first one and the turquoise room!

Greet said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures! I am looking for good pictures of bedrooms and hotelrooms because I am working on a hotelproject were I have to design 2 suites! So you gave me inspiration!!!

Debbi said...

Oooh . . . The last one feels like a guest space that you might find at an inn in some wonderful little village in England. They are all wonderful, but this one . . . I could feel the dimensions . . . could imagine that I was actually in the space; feel it and smell it, and hear the sounds . . . Yep.. I choose the last one, for sure.

Jessica Hills said...

I love all of them. The first is definitely my favorite though.

Pink Pig said...

All wonderful and full of inspiration but i love the photo from Elle Decor with the tall ceiling and rustic appeal of the barn beams.

redbrickbuilding said...

F, for sure. Time-worn and rustic but also refined and pretty.

Vanessa said...

I like the feel of (e) but more so for my daughter's room than for me. I'm decorating her room now and this is the direction we are going.

Annie@A View On Design said...

these are lovely rooms, what a great blog, i'll be following this one from now on for sure!!!

Katie said...

I love the 4th one down. I have been really into grays lately too. They're all so pretty though.

carrie leber said...

love this roundup - so romantic - I think obsessed with romantic bedrooms.

Meredith said...

Ooh, I love those. When I was little I always wanted an attic bedroom, but our house didn't have a real attic. One day when I buy my very own house, I desperately want an attic, and I want it to be as awesome as these photos!


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