Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh so clever, modern, and elegant

I was really impressed when I discovered this furniture from Vincent Reardon. I was just filled with so many "why didn't I think of that?!" moments.

This teapot is chic and adorable. The ability to keep warm with a tea light is great too!

Here's another one - this sofa seems so intuitive, yet I've yet to see this before. My only qualm is it's a little too modern for my tastes. Or I'd atleast like the option for the couch to be the same dark color as the table/ottoman slideout so it blends in when the whole thing is compacted.

It's hard to know how sturdy this is - but it's a great idea!


Daniella said...

That couch is too cool! Thanks for sharing

Stacey said...

Love that furniture ..... and the tripot .. wooooot nice invention ... thanks for sharing

down pillow said...

Love the slot sofa - too cool :)

Home Builder Los Angeles said...

Oh yes, they are definitely clever, modern, and elegant. Even the teapot really looks modern and elegant. The sofas are ultra modern and really played well with the horizontal lines. It's design is so simple but the lining of it made it defined and visually striking. And it can be remodelled with wooden accents, now that's even excellent.


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