Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Etsy Find: The cheerful paintings of Leelu and Piggy

I have another talented Etsy artist to share with everyone. These paintings invoke a sunny weekend morning where one has hours to linger over breakfast at the kitchen table.
Go to the Leelu and Piggy shop to see more!

mmm... my favorite. Cuppa Joe



amy (leelu and piggy) said...

thank you so much for posting my work! i love your blog and you were so generous with the photos... happy happy holidays!

Southern Aspirations said...

coffee cup is so fun- not to mention bright and cheery!

Jessica said...

The faucet piece is beautiful - I love the colors chosen for it!

Bailey @ peppermintbliss said...

Oh I like! They have a great graphic quality about them but you can still see the work/artistry that went into them. Plus they make me happy, esp the coffee cup!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Those cherries look so plump and delicious! Love them :)

down pillow said...

Obviously some perfect pieces for the kitchen & bath. Love the colors :)

Vila do Artesão said...

Incredible paintings. How interesting these simple things can be. Very, very good.
Cris Turek from Brazil


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