Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cool modern gifts for the hard to impress

From the very cool store, Mocha. Here are some of my favorites for Christmas.

I've had my eyes on these nesting mixing bowls for awhile!
A ceramic notepad

They also have these in white! Soooo cute and kids would love them

Adorable pot holders!

This piece of notebook paper is actually a tea towel
This is to scale, it's a teacup stool!

There more online at Mocha.


down comforter said...

Such great fun ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

kristin said...

LOVE the tea-towel! Would buy it in a heart beat just for the fun of it.

Bailey @ peppermintbliss said...

I love these! Very original. I too have neen eyeing those mixing bowls, but I think the cookie coffee mug and tea cup stool might have to go on my very own wish list! xoxo

Jessica said...

The cookie mug is such a good idea!


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