Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Really cute and easy DIY ideas for your Thanksgiving table

I first found this adorable pine cone turkey idea over at the Simplified Bee, and thought to myself, "that is soooo cute, and so my mom!" It's also wonderful because we have everything except the pipe cleaners; pine cones in the woods and feathers around the chicken and turkey coups.

via Simplified Bee via Martha Stewart
Isn't it cute?!

I love this too...all of these ideas are fast and easy but so elegant!

Click here to see all of these plus more and how-to's

very elegant
via Simplified Bee

And just for reference - and something I am always in need of when setting a table a handy reference chart.
via Simplified Bee


Sallie Ann said...

These are so pretty, simple and elegant. I especially love the pear (I collect pears) and gumball. Not sure if I can find any of those little gems along the city streets. Thanks for sharing!

Cristin said...

Thanks for the mention! I had to read it twice :-)


Lady B. said...

wow...really nice!!!

down pillow said...

So many great ideas - I absolutely LOVE the adorable pinecone turkey :)

Natalie Catherine said...

i'm soo happy to see that chart.. i learned that when i was a little girl but whenever we have dinner parties i'm always second guessing myself! :) thanks!!


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