Thursday, November 19, 2009

A new and unique concept for candles!

I was given a really unique sample of candles, and their scents are based on the color palette of your room! Over a week I tested each of them and one thing I definitely noticed was how nuanced they are. I am no scent connoisseur, but they are all complex and not too strong, or too weak. I did have a favorite though, and that was the Gray-tone candle. I think that definitely fits me. Though I like striking accent colors, I will always start with a foundation of a calm, serene color. I used to be really drawn to white interiors, which I still love, but lately I'm leaning to a little more richness. Gray is the perfect blend of calm and serene with a little more intrigue. I also think gray is unbelievably romantic.

Here are some gorgeous gray interiors I found

via Style Files

via BKK Home

via The City Sage

via BACA Creative

Here are the rest of the palettes - which come as a candle and a room spray.

Jewel tones

Primary tones

Pastel tones

Neutral tones

Earth tones - My mom liked the smell of this one before she even knew it was inspired by earth tones - her fav colors!

Wouldn't these make good house warming or hostess gifts?

Read details about the scents at Tod Young's website for the Palettes Collection.


Karena said...

How interesting! I am loving the grays more and more, from soft heathers to charcoals. I haven't painted a room in it yet, plan to though!

down pillow said...

Such an interesting concept. I wonder how they came up with the scents for each color...


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