Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The National Stationery Show - my favorite display

*thanks Bev for the spelling tip* :)

I didn't attend the show this year, but there is tons of coverage to be found on all the beautiful art, papers, and latest stationery trends on various blogs. When I was walking down 7th Ave. in Park Slope last week I noticed that the local paperie, Lion in the Sun, had a gorgeous window display - below are a few pictures and the link to the blog post where they talk about it's creation.

Read/see more here

Adorable isn't it?! Next time I walk by I plan on bringing my camera and snapping some of my own photos. I also noticed noticed on their blog that they mentioned the display being inspired by the display of Hello Lucky’s Trade show booth from the NSS. So I did a little internet sleuthing and finally found some photos of their display on the blog Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Check out their beautiful version too -

You can visit Hello Lucky's website here.

I hope you find this as inspiring as I do - I think this idea could translate well on so many mediums - you could draw little frames with a sharpie on a linen or canvas inspiration board and pin your inspirational cards, photos, etc. within the frames, you could buy a natural colored picture frame with a wide border and draw on the actual frame a more ornate frame, what else? Any other ideas?


Bev said...

I love cards of all sorts. And I like the idea for displaying them as well.

(Little note: this kind of stationery is spelled with an E not A. My trick for keeping them straight is that stationery requires Envelopes - E for envelopes.)

Ashley said...

Thanks Bev! How embarrassing and what a handy trick! I'm the worst speller!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Wow - I had no idea Lion in the Sun had a blog. I love their window displays. thanks for sharing this!

down pillow said...

Wow, so many great things to look at - I would love to see all of them in person.

Di Overton said...

Totally agree a fabulous display

peggy apl said...

this is a great display! thanks for posting.


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