Monday, November 30, 2009

Modern elegance mixed with 1940s glamour

Not too many of us are blessed with the means and circumstances to live among such decadent furnishings, but we can dream! And besides, that's what the glossies are for. So when I was flipping through some of last year's magazines I rediscovered Ralph Lauren Home's 2008 "Mayfair" collection. In fact, I'd posted some other shots from the Mayfair ad campaign in the August 2008 post here. I think it doesn't hurt, especially in this season of giving to others, to give to yourself a little - even if it's just for a moment, in one's imagination, drooling over the keyboard.

oh that bed...that vanity...

I really like the clear to black candlesticks

I wear this same outfit when I have to go to the post office

via Ralph Lauren Home

via Color Me Happy


Shauna said...

Such wonderful photos!

(and your comment about the outfit made me laugh...thanks!)

Sallie Ann said...

I'm not usually a Ralph Lauren fan, but this is just breathtaking. And dressing tables? Love them. When I took a stab at designing furniture, the dressing table was my first conquest. These pics are beautiful.

Kristin said...

Loving these photos! Thank you for sharing.

down comforter said...

Oohhh, so many wonderful beautiful pieces :)


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