Monday, November 9, 2009

Help with ideas for bay windows!?

A reader emailed me with a really great (and challenging!) question:

"My fiance and I are moving into an apartment that has bay windows (in both the bedroom and living room). A lot of people convert them into benches, but I'd rather use the space as a showcase for special items, while not allowing it to look cluttered (clutter is my worst enemy!)."

As you can imagine, you have to dig deep to find bay windows that haven't been converted into window seats - and here are some solutions I found...

via Living Etc.

The above two photos are from an AT reader's home - I really like her solution of using a narrow console table in front of the window to create a beautiful display. Make sure the objects you use are edited and the arrangement is thought out to keep the console or shelf from simply looking like a catch-all place for objects.
Here's another example - though this is an unusual bay window, you can imagine the effect of having a narrow bench/table/shelf, etc. and using it as a display area.
via House Beautiful

You could create a glamorous reading nook - an excuse to buy a chaise lounge!
via Apartment Therapy

Found this on Apartment Therapy, but it's Victoria of SF Girl by Bay apartment. So pretty - and a great sun-filled reading nook.

via Apartment Therapy

via House to Home

A teapot collection displayed on a bay window
via FotoSA

I really like this shelf/drawer window sill display.
via Country Living

A display is especially striking when all of the objects are similar, or part of a collection.
via Canadian House and Home

I included this photo to show that, if all else fails, bay windows can be beautiful bare - just add some dramatic or interesting curtains, and/or some striking paint to make the area pop.
via Beecroft

via Design Sponge Online

Bring window boxes inside and grow flowers or herbs.
via House Beautiful

My sister utilizes her bay window for this exact purpose, as a pretty indoor green house.
via Martha Stewart

Does anyone else know of any great bay window solutions that aren't window seats? I'm all ears!


Caitlin said...

I'm working on a room right now that has a bay window. We're using it as a makeshift office. The desk is floating and styled really beautifully and then we hung curtains with a wire from wall to wall to designate the space as separate. My client is giddy about this space.

I think bay windows can be great for little seating areas too.

If I had one I would do a chaise lounge with a dainty little side table. It would be the best place to read and lounge in the sun

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ashley! These have given me some inspiration :) Cannot wait to move in and start decorating!

Lovely Little Nest said...

Wow, these are great idea pics! I really love the window with the 2 blue lamps ~ just gorgeous!

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Bay windows are such a wonderful extra, especially for an apartment! Show them off! Those are lots of great pictures, I especially like the chaise lounge idea or the big reading chair. I think having curtain panels that frame the center of the window really helps, too. At least one panel on either outside window to draw the eye in to the lighter space in the center. Have fun!

Colette's Cottage said...

Love these ideas- making a possible "problem area" into a beautiful area.
I'm in love with the two blue lamps & sofa table idea!

Blair said...

What lovely inspiration! I am historically a fan of window seats for bay windows but I am pretty sure that you have converted me. I especially love the space from House Beautiful--my style to a T!

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

all of the apartments i am looking at have bay windows, which i love! i plan on using it as a reading nook with a chair and end table or for a desk. (i think my dogs would prefer the former though so they have something to sit on and look out the window). hah.

Ashley said...

The dogs often find a way regardless of the arrangement to get to the window I've found!

prashant said...

Thanks Ashley! These have given me some inspiration :)

Lingerie Affection

down comforter said...

Gosh, I think you've just about covered this issue with really great solutions :) I so wish I had a bay window or two.


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