Friday, November 6, 2009

Back to the simple life

The hectic holidays and overall state of the world right now definitely takes its toll. That's why I think it's more important than ever to create a haven that is orderly and beautiful. Try to keep possessions limited to only those that are beautifully designed and functional (often things well designed are beautiful and functional.) Hold on to items that have always been there for you and stood the test of time. If possible, repair them if needed and treat them well. Opt for natural or recycled materials, as it will make your home healthier, and give you peace of mind, therefore making you healthier. I know this is all easier said then done, and unfortunately natural, well made items are often costly (but a good investment.) If this really speaks to you I also recommend reading this post on Wabi Sabi - Also,you might consider looking into feng shui. The main thing I need to work on is creating to-do lists and staying focused. It takes practice, but I'm getting better at it, and I've definitely found that when I have an actual, tactile to-do list and keep it at hand, moving from one task to the next, I get so much done and feel great at the end of the day. Okay, I'm ranting. The point of all this was to introduce you to the simple-life inspiring Brooklyn store, Brook Farm General Store. Remember this image from my autumn inspiration post?

The image is from Brook Farm General store, and I thought it warranted a cyber-visit. I used to live in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where it's located, but I think I moved before they arrived.

Lamp Gras, the original architect light.

Look at little Nutmeg on the left, so cute!

Isn't the shop beautiful?
They also sell vintage finds.

These brushes have an interesting story -
"These beautiful brushes are handmade in Sweden from local wood and all natural fibers. Traditionally, in Europe, visually impaired craftsmen and women would make brooms and brushes by hand. Iris Handverk has continued this craft, designing brushes each with their own individual function.

These are the most comfortable, effective brushes we have ever used, and the fact that they are part of a centuries old tradition only makes them more desirable. The type of wood used for the handle and the natural fibers used for the bristles are chosen based on the designated purpose of each brush, so you can be sure that you are getting the best possible tool for your specific job."

What do you think? See anything you like?

Visit the Brook Farm General store website


Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Beautiful store--I love the mix of antiques and simple modern lines, and the use of white walls and shelves which can be so boring and ugly. What a happy place to shop and be inspired by!

henzy said...

loving the store.. it has such a nice clean vibe.

Cristin said...

What a beautiful store! The person handling visual merch. is brilliant!

cristin @ simplified bee

Sallie Ann said...

i love the clean, crispness of this store, that also keeps such warmth. Last weekend I bought white hydrangeas. They look liks big, wonderful snowballs sitting in a silver pitcher on my dining table. Lovely


I just like the whole idea of compartmentalizing. Every thing safely in it's own place.

Megara said...

i love them all... probably because this is the exact feel i want my house to have! so light and airy, with "controlled clutter" that is beautiful and complements the space. i love it!

Carol said...

I'm so glad you blogged about this store. My son just moved into an apartment that is only 2 blocks away from this store. I had no idea it was there, so I will definitely be visiting soon. (And he wouldn't have known. Apparently only food stores and bars are in his radar.)

Down Pillow said...

So many things I'd love to have! Thanks for the tour :)

parisa mahmoudi said...

Lovely pics!Happy to find your blog! :)

Terri Conrad said...

LOVE that oversized square display table - need that in my studio! Beautiful photos - always inspiring to visit


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