Friday, October 2, 2009

What do you think of this furniture?

I received word of John Reeves's really unique furniture and I thought it was worth sharing. John Reeves is an award-winning UK designer. He does furniture for all occasions and rooms, even outdoor pieces. REEVESdesign also includes the new Cast Aluminum Series 1 - which I think would be a good option for those of you who want something that no one else in the neighborhood has.

Here's some cool information about the designer:

"John Reeves, founder of a small furniture manufacturing company that bears his name, dealt with the concerns of poor offshore working conditions by moving to Vietnam and starting a fabrication shop in person, building some fantastic, durable furniture along the way. The chairs, tables and benches he produces with his Vietnamese co-workers are cast in aluminum sourced from recycled engine blocks and conduit, and the results are curvaceous, solid and thoroughly modern."

So, I'm really happy to hear that John promotes proper working conditions and the use of recycled materials. Without further ado, his work:

I think the pieces above are really cool. They have an organic, earthy look, but are modern and cast aluminum!
gotta love this bench

I also really like this console - I think it would be really striking in a room with pieces in different styles.


bedrestlessness said...

i love this stuff. i feel like i saw (and admired) some chairs inspired by the aluminum pieces it in crate & barrel
great stuff

Anonymous said...

I like the clean lines a lot but the slatted bench looks a bit uncomfortable in the seat and slatted tables are difficult to set things on. Love the chests, though.

Linda/"Mom" said...

* G' Friday morning! While not particularly enamored w/ the aluminum series of pieces, I think the tables & chest(s?) are quite nice!

The FUN thing is, differences in taste are what make it so FUN to visit the homes or blog pages of others!

Linda in AZ *

Pragya said...

ooooh!! Love these pieces!

IMCurtain said...

Nice sharing!

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The Redhead Riter said...

Love this furniture!!!

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

I like all the pieces. The outdoor furniture is so minimalistic, but fantastic. Thanks for sharing his line with us.

Down Pillow said...

LOVE the 2 chests of drawers & the canopy bed. All the pieces are really interesting & unlike most I've seen before.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

I love his vision!

The wood pieces have a vintage 50/60's feel to them!

Creating Chorissa said...

I love John Reeves furniture. I have the console table in purple as my dressing table and it my favourite piece of furniture!


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