Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nothing like puppies for a smile on your face

So, in light of my sad news, Linda in AZ * suggested that I post some recent pictures of Remi, my parent's Australian shepherd, to put a smile on our faces. Here are some pics.

Remi hanging out with granddad as he husks corn earlier in the summer.

Remi wishes he could be in two places at once - and it's often tough for him to decide if he wants to stay inside of stay outside. He decided to nap while figuring it out.

Remi also has a wonky ear that never fell back down after teething - it cracks me up - we call it his "comb-over"

...and the ridiculously cute puppy version of Remi!


redbrickbuilding said...

Remi is utterly adorable. A barn I rode at when I was little had an Australian Shepherd and he was extremely high energy (think: cyclone).

Linda/"Mom" said...

* This is so sweet, so loving and so beautiful. My face is smiling and my heart is warm. What a lovely tribute to your Grampa. I know that besides everyone else (the human part of the family), this precious & darling Remi is hurting, too.

So please make sure Remi gets lots of extra attention right now... Not only because HE needs it, but also because it helps everyone ELSE in the healing process.

I'm happy, and honored, that you took my suggestion to heart, and sincerely hope it helps you. I paused while writing & said another prayer for you all just now~ hope you can sense it.

With warmest blessings, my friend, and big licks to REMI from our BELLE-GIRL~~~
Linda in AZ *

Leyla said...

Remi is soo cute!! Definitely put a smile on my face... Especially him as a puppy! Utterly adorable!!

Thank you for sharing... =)

Brabourne Farm said...

Remi is such a gorgeous boy - and Australian too! Leigh

Ticking and Toile said...

What an adorable pooch!!! I love dogs! They are such loyal friends! Love your blog.


Jessica said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather.

The puppy is precious and it's true, puppies can always make a tough day a little easier.

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. :( Remi brings a smile to my face! Soooo cute!

Hudson Goods said...

sorry to hear that, and Remi is adorable.

Down Pillow said...

Aw, he's sooo cute! Love the second photo & the one of him in the snow :)


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