Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Murals, faux-finishes, and tons of inspiration from the talented Allison Cosmos

When I was back in high school I used to make extra money by painting murals - mostly in kids rooms. It was rewarding but very,very hard work. So I have a deep appreciation for people like Allison who are so talented - and tolerant of sore necks!

Allison Cosmos is the artist who completed these murals and gorgeous faux finishes. Which is your favorite?

Those curtains are painted on the ceiling!

"A Scalamandrie toile inspired the hot pink & orange color scheme on these guest bedroom walls. Tiny orange lines on white create shading and depth "

Love the crisp contrast of the geometric pattern on the floor - and that you can still see the wood grain through it!

"Around the fireplace, a soft botanical garland gently falls from the top. The walls, ceiling, moldings & floors received color-washed & dragged finishes. "

*drool* The cupboard and detail above are my favorite. I love the delicate detail and the line quality!
I like this creature too.

See more at allisoncosmos.com


Sallie Ann said...

Love them all, but especially fond of the floor and the indago room...so dramatic! Love it.

Down Pillow said...

Really beautiful work :) I really love the curtains painted on the ceiling & the geometric-patterned floor.

Leetid said...

I loved the ceiling one, it looks so realistic. Would love to have that in a room.

Rdekko said...

so nice job these paintings. I feel sorry i don't have an old closet to paint on.


That ceiling is totally unbelievable !! Thanks for the inspiration.

Cristin said...

Wow! It is hard to say! I like the ceiling and toile a lot.


Charla said...

I cannot imagine having that much talent. These are all beautiful but I love to botanicals the best. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

That creature is amazing - absolutely love it. The tent mural on the ceiling is so original and spirited.


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