Friday, October 16, 2009

The most interesting room in the world

So I had a reader come to me with a really fun request -

"Have you seen those Dos Equis commercials, about 'the most intersting man in the world?'
I have a library that I'd like to decorate like that - leather, skeletons, artifacts, books - and I was wondering if you could do a blog post on rooms that have that sort of 'worldly' look." -V

In case you're not sure about the ad she mentions - you can watch it here.

Here is a shot from the ad and two photos I found on the Dos Equis website.

Here are some images I dug up to provide some more ideas and inspiration for achieving that old-world, well traveled look.

This library is very similar because of the stone fireplace and rich upholstery and fabrics. Notice also a globe, stacks of old books, and the scientific painting of the skull.
via Fresh Home

From a Buenos Aires bed and breakfast.
via Claundine's Homes

Maps are an easy way to accomplish an worldly look, also they are affordable and widely available. You could even go to a used bookstore and find maps in books to cut out and display.
via Apartment Therapy

via Great Interior Design

via Ralph Lauren Home

two above via Style Rumors

via Design is Mine

via Point Click Home

Notice that in all of the rooms that dark walls instantly create a sense of intrigue. Also - keep in mind that most objects should not match -or come as a set. Curiosities and artifacts are gathered overtime from different places. You'll have different textures and colors in your fabrics, furniture, and objects.

An academic atmosphere also contributes to a worldly look - journals, good illumination, and organized collections.
via Point Click Home

Classic architectural sketches are also a nice touch - and can be found in flea markets and bookstores - even better if from your travels!
via Home Interior Design Themes

A faux stucco plaster treatment is a gorgeous way to create an antiquated look.
via Sandy Foster

Turn to libraries and museums for ideas.

Specimen drawers, apothecary jars, and specimen mounts are all ways to give your objects an "interesting" look. You can find these supplies at specimen and lab suppliers.
Two above images from via Curious Expositions

Thanks Victoria for a great idea! Does anyone else have some tips or ideas?


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Ashley, I just love this! You really pulled several rooms that reflect just what I'm going for and there is a lot to consider! I'll be looking closely at these again and again - and that's what I love about this sort of room - everytime you look you see something different because they are so full of details.

Thanks so much! One day, when it's together, I'll send you a pic!


Ashley said...

So glad you like it! I can't wait to see a picture!

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

What a fun project to work on! Channel Indiana Jones and his movie sets too!

Tracy @ Comfort and Luxury said...

Love this. Those Dos Equis commercials crack me up because the guy's just so over the top, but you found some great images to support a more real-world approach. And it doesn't have to be entirely masculine either. Think "Out of Africa".

Hudson Goods said...

like that academic office with the old briefcases, really cool.

2 By Design said...

I totally agree with Tracy. These images are so classic without being overly masculine. Just the right dose! They're fantastic.

Sallie Ann said...

Aren't these great? You need to get your hands on a J. Peterman catalogue, visit the website, and Ralph Lauren's Stable Brown paint. It's delicious with glossy, parchment color trim and lot's of old books. Love this!

Down Pillow said...

Beautiful rooms - all of which have some amazing details :)

Di Overton said...

FANTASTIC POST and some great links THANKS


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