Thursday, October 8, 2009

Looking good Southern Living!

I was pleasantly surprised at some very positive design changes in Southern Living's October issue. They definitely have a fresher looks with better typography, cute graphics, and clearer photography. All in all, they've modernized the look and the content. They have lots of interesting columns which you can see in this video

Here are some of my favs from the issue:

A new "Done in a Day" column, which features DIY decorating projects you can complete in a day. For instructions for the Family Command Center, click here.

They review Southern artists and shops, such as the Wildflower Cafe & Country Store in Alabama, and the Cochrans of Wood Studio, also in Alabama, who made this gorgeous rocker.

An example of the great new styling and photography you'll find - I love this last picture with the console and the white chair!

via Southern Living October 2009


Laura Trevey said...

I will check it out! Thanks!!

xo Laura

Kellie said...

I really think Southern Living took a more modern turn with the edition of Eleanor Griffin as editor. I was really disappointed to Cottage Living end, but I was happy to follow Eleanor to Southern Living.

I like the idea of the family command center, but honestly the one featured is just way too busy for me.

MissBliss said...

good to know! love your review style... ;)

Sallie Ann said...

This is totally appealing. Every year my mom gives us subscriptions, but a few years back I asked her to change mine to a different mag as I found SL to be really "busy," visually. I like these pics a lot and will go pic up a copy at Borders. May reinstate my subscription! Thanks.

Rdekko said...

oH! i love the last photo also but for the art hanging above. Too nice and cute.

Down Pillow said...

I've heard so many positive reviews of their new look - I'll have to check it out :)


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