Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amazing design from Scandanavia

I wanted to share these gorgeously designed products from Muuto. Simplicity is really amazing in these products, as it's also beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly!

These new baskets - called "Restore," are my favorite product. They are so pretty.
- "MIKA TOLVANEN ON THE DESIGN 'I wanted the basket to have an non-obtrusive nature. It’s a great little basket for storing magazines or any other bits and pieces. Polymer felt combined with a soft form give the basket a friendly appearance. The name Restore is inspired by the fact that the baskets are made of recycled PET bottles.' "

I'm a big fan of pen and ink drawings, and this bedspread is like a giant piece of art.

Most of their products come in many colors. You can see and read more at the site, Muuto.



Ah, those felt bins are so right up my magazine hoarding-collage making alley.

Betsy Head, Affordable Interior Design said...

Their simplicity and style is unmatched!


Down Comforter said...

Great pieces :) The table lamp is super-cool.

Megara said...

ah i love love LOVE that bedspread! since getting married i've been looking for a bedspread that's the perfect combination of my super-girly taste and my husband's love of black (and fear of color)... this might be it!

Di Overton said...

LOVE that bedspread


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