Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Surprisingly chic and modern classics at L.L. Bean

I don't usually comment on fashion, but I was so surprised by what I saw in the latest issue of L.L. Bean Women that I had to share. What do you think of their recent efforts to attract younger customers?

Some really cute flats - and they look comfy too. I'd get the green.

I'm loving the boots with the skirt

My 19 year old sister just bought this jacket - which they call the Homecoming jacket

Their color selection is also trendier - I'm loving this fuchsia set.

Love this gorgeous - modern cut wool jacket
Their bedding is more modern, too.


Pink Wallpaper said...

cute pink vest!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Cute shoes and belts. Love the colors. Who would think LLBean.

Vitania said...

Surprising is the key word.. Love that homecoming jacket - and that bedding is quite lovely as well!!

thanks I'll have to see what else they got!

resalikescolors said...

I need a new pair of flats and those herringbone flats are super cute.

nice textures and colors!

Clayton Gray Home said...

Super cute - kind of has a J. Crew look about it.

Lausen Arts said...

Love the flats - cute is right!

Down Pillow said...

Love the ballet flats :) The belts look very J. Crew to me.

Nicole Tattersall said...

Just adoring your blog, It's just so pretty!


P.S I've added your blog to my list of 10 blogs/websites to visit this week on my blog

Beach Vintage said...

Cute shoes, I agree, the green is way too cute.

down pillow said...

I must have a pair of those shoes! Who am I kidding? I want 3 pair!! lol


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