Friday, September 4, 2009

Some decorating ideas to inspire your long weekend

Well, folks, I've spent this morning lovingly scanning, cropping, and trying to get rid of the horrid stripes my scanner leaves on my images - guess you get what you pay for. Anyway, we have a long weekend, and, if on the off-chance you'll be indoors, I hope I leave you with some yummy ideas to incorporate into your decor. Happy weekend!

I love "high beds." The quilt on this is gorgeous, too.
via The Best of Martha Stewart Living How to Decorate
A guide to creating comfortable, sylish living spaces

The stool above was a stuffy, dark, upholstered piece. It was repainted white and the upholstery was replaced with a glass top.

I've never seen the idea of little pictures hung in a grid under one larger picture - but I like it!

Hanging a picture on a bookshelf is an all-time fav. look of mine!

If you have/find some pretty brackets, you could use this idea and safe some floor space by creating a "nightshelf," as opposed to a nightstand.
via The Best of Martha Stewart Living Decorating Details
Projects and ideas for a more comfortable, more beautiful home


Down Pillow said...

Some great photos :) Love the stool that was repainted & reupholstered - so pretty & unique.

Linda/"Mom" said...

* DITTO to "DOWN PILLOW"... annnd, that first bed is soooo serene and peaceful I just L*O*V*E it~~~ Thanks!
Linda in AZ *

Emilia Jane said...

Any ideas on where I can find a white iron bed like that?

ashley@decorology said...

Hi Emilia -
The resources that come to mind are

Land of Nod, thought they're a kids' store, has a white iron bed - full size -

HumbleAbode has a lot of iron beds that come in different colors

Pottery barn has some nice iron beds in different colors -

I would also just search "victorian white iron bed," and I'm sure you'll find a lot.

Good luck!

samia said...

i loved the night stand with the brackets..:) grogeous..:) n the plush red throw on a white linen.. truly luxurious

Brad the Builder said...

Wow, some of that furniture is absolutely gorgeous.


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