Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More home office inspiration!

I've been unpacking and setting up my office gradually over the last couple of weeks and I've learned that it's just not the best way to be productive. It's hard for me to focus on my work when I know there is a box beside me of things waiting to be sorted. I might have to just take a day off and finish up my unpacking.

This office space is so well thought out - and so functional!

I've found that supplies at hand really helps me get stuff done

via marthastewart.com

this would be a great setup for a chef

I use jam jars in my bathroom and they are so handy - and cheap!

This small workstation was a closet

This little library was a closet, too!
via Real Simple


A Melbourne Girl said...

Thank you, you've just given me some great ideas for my study/office and sewing rooms...wonderful. Thanks again


Brandi said...

I just love all of this organization -- it's like a natural high for me. I'm working on adding some interest to my work space so that you so much for the ideas! I particularly love the glass jars used to hold things. Little touches like that totally make a room. Oh, and if only I knew where to find that awesome beige chair from the Martha Stewart room!

Vanya @ Endless Inspiration said...

love your jam jars, super chic!

DiKi said...

Those working spaces are all nice to look at....:)
But sadly wont do for me cos when i do work i need evrything out and cannot be so organise

Jennifer Ramos said...

I like the wallpaper in the small workstation....very girly. I can see myself with that little space if i lived in NYC again....CUTE!

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Rachel Follett said...

So many clever ideas! Thanks for sharing!

johnwright said...

Really a great and wonderful home office inspiration and furniture collection!! Great find...........

besswess said...

I love the pink fold up work space. You can fold it closed and not ever worry about anything being touched. :)

Leyla said...

Such great inspirational ideas... Thanks for sharing! =)


fashionable palette said...

Love the first two - the blue and the pink. I like everything organized and in its place...which is one reason why I like office space design...but it also has to be beautiful. These are definitely both.

Down Pillow said...

Love the little ex-closet office - too cute :)

Peggy said...

So loving the blue and white office! You've shown that function and organization can be accomplished as part of a beautiful design. Thank you for all the fabulous examples. This is my first visit here; I will definitely be back.

Marianne from France said...

Hi there !

I love those home offices, so inpirational. Mine is not that cute, but I still quite happy today because this week I've find a mid-century desk in a thrift store, and I love the vintage look it gives to the room. You can check it out : http://nocesdecoton.canalblog.com/archives/2009/10/08/15357316.html

Hope you like it !

Cheers from France


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