Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gorgeous reclaimed wood - do you have some?

I was introduced to Forest Dickey's work the other day and it's just stunning. He uses reclaimed barn wood -of which I've always been a fan. The unique thing is that with this historic medium he creates contemporary furniture! I particularly love his benches -


gorgeous walnut

via Forest's studio Varian

Cabinetry in reclaimed wood if you the substance and look of a rustic kitchen
via Gurniture

A special attribute of reclaimed wood is that it means your piece will be completely unique. I can think of a space for this hutch in every room (of my dream house, that is.)
Cottage Home Maine

ohhh. I seriously want one of these vintage factory carts as a coffee day...
via Restoration Hardware

via Marie Claire Maison

via James Merrel

Of course, most furniture in reclaimed wood will probably be made one of a kind by craftsmen, which equals big bucks (and rightfully so), but you can find more accessible furniture - like these shelves made from old railroad tracks at vivaterra.
via vivaterra

Do any of you have furniture (or anything) made from reclaimed wood? I'd love to hear about it - what it is and how you like it.


Heidi Jo said...

So amazing. I love anything and everything made with reclaimed wood. These pieces are gorgeous and I am wanting those kitchen cabinets! Staples Cabinet Makers is pretty amazing too. I would be happy to own any of their pieces.


redbrickbuilding said...

Thanks for this post. We have a lot of old wood that we're in the process of reclaiming from our c.1900 home (ceiling boards, roof joists, framing). It's a huge task to tear the pieces out carefully and pull all the nails. We're hoping to turn at least some of it into flooring (herringbone?). The furniture in this post is really inspiring. Maybe we'll try to copy the Restoration Hardware coffee table ourselves...

Berry said...

I love the white and wood room! So fresh and airy!

Anonymous said...

Great post! My dining room table base is from England it was a 10' long farm table, someone had ruined it by putting formica on top. My husband has a construction co. and they were putting beams in a new house in Dallas. The beams came from a 150 year old factory in Mississippi, he used the left over beams ripped them down and made a beautiful top for my base. The base had to be cut down to 9' to fit nicely into my dinig room.
In the spring we redid our powder bath. We took out a pedestal sink, ran a 4" by 4'6" timber from wall to wall, used a travertine vessel sink on top of the timber, oil rubbed vessel faucet, grass cloth wallpaper, seagrass rug, a huge 4' by 6'antique mirror that has a 10" worm hole wooden frame I found at Brant Lairds in Dallas. When my daughter
built a house 4 years ago we bought reclaimed would from the old Olla Padrida building they tore down in Dallas and used it as hardwood floors. I'm trying to get my husband to make me a wine tasting table out of beams we have in the garage!

Sushikay said...

My sister has one of those vintage manufacturing carts. She also uses it for a coffee table. I wish she would give it to me!

kitchen said...

yeah, agree so interesting furniture made from wood and In general wooden furniture doesn't do well outside unless it is made from teak, cypress and heart redwood.

bluelaugh said...

Some times reclaiming something as simple as wood can be great. The biggest place to get the wood from would have to be an old barn or shed. The reclaimed cabinets mad it look more county. I guess it is all how you use what you got.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh I adore old reclaimed wood ANYTHING! My Brother has a 12 foot table of reclaimed barn wood. Love the cart's...although now that they are in restoration and PB we will shortly see them in target soon!

Great post!

Pink Wallpaper said...

love the picture w/ the chesterfield sofa...amazing!

alice said...

Reclaimed wood is such a weakness for me!! Oh how pretty it is!

I was so happy to find an old worktable from a factory in Long Beach that I'm keeping for my future Kitchen Island. One of the coolest reclaimed tables I've seen is the worktable at the Bevolo lighting French Quarter factory- to top is an old New Orleans bowling lane! It's beautiful... Im sure they thought I was nuts commenting on their table when I was there to look at their lights!

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Love the cabinetry & hutch :) And, the photo from Marie Claire Maison is just beautiful.


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