Friday, July 17, 2009

The forgotten room

Boy did I get a little image happy with the hallways today! Lucky for you, and happy Friday! So, while a hallway might not mean much to most, the apartment i live in right now is the first NYC apartment I've inhabited that has an actual, real hallway. And nothing ads the finishing touch and homey detail than giving your hall a little love. Plus, you'll be putting that real estate to work!

Okay, so I think two important elements to make a long skinny hall feel like a cozy room is A. a welcoming lamp, and B. a runner or rug.

The hallway (especially an entrance) can make a great storage space for hats, umbrellas, walking sticks, shoes etc. Put all your loose possessions in coordinating bins or baskets to keep things tidy

*gasp* I love those mirrored understair cupboards! Two good things in one - mirrors to reflect light, and making the most of your space!

I'm a sucker for shoes lined up...and for puppies greeting you when you walk in the door.

My sister stacks her books like this in her stairs - I love the look

A narrow piece with shelves underneath ads double storage

again - not really a hall, but I thought the light treatment was nice

oh...that blue. Makes me think of Greece. I have that same red planner!

Okay - not really a hall - but I had to show you these stairs. I think it's kinda cool how they stripped down the paint to reveal the original wood, creating the illusion of a runner

If you have a piece that offers lots of storage like these drawers, it makes the perfect space to store hats, scarves, and other miscellaneous items.

A hall with a window presents the opportunity for a little nook to steal away.

So this is not something I would do myself, but I thought the image was really interesting - the hall is a mural in black marker.

What have you done or how have you put your hall to use? I'd love to hear your solutions!

via LivingEtc.


Gaj said...

I have always found the entry way of a house or apt to be one of the most important as well as useful spaces.It sets the tone for the rest of the dwelling, it's the first and last thing you see!
Placing a table, a round table space permitting altho square works well too, in the center of this area with low stools underneath for an anchored look and also as extra places to put guests parcels or bags or hats.
Place a substantial urn or vessel on this table with seasonal cut flowers or if well lit, some sort of mid sized topiary in a cachepot.
Arrange low woven baskets around centerpiece for mail, keys, dog lead, anything essential to coming and going. If there is a large wall, a huge, perhaps 5x6 substantially framed mirror works well in every way, either hung or leaned against wall. Under the table, I like some floor cover, a bound sisal square,a Turkish or Morrocan carpet and in my entry now, I use a cowhide zebra skin to anchor the area. On the small wall areas that flank the front door, I hang a collection of hats from Mexico, Peru, Thailand, Austrtalia, etc. Great textural element, not terribly original but approriate. Have fun!
Gaj Lambert

Lauren said...

so many great inspiration pics!!! awesome...

my entry is SO BAD right now... got the rug, but need a lamp & am trying to figure out color for the beadboard...

La Maison Fou said...

Hummm, the first room you see..should set the tone I suspect. THESE ARE GREAT!

Lauren Jade said...

Um, I am so, so jealous. Ever since I visited NY I have my heart set on spending at least a year there at some point. I loved it, every part of it. love all these images!

Berry said...

these are great! I love the pink wall that a TV shaped like an apple?? How cute! =)

Sarah Branum said...

Great images. I love the mural wall created by black marker.

my favorite and my best said...

i love a good entry. it says something about you.

Blushing hostess said...

Without a doubt the most pivitol space inthe house and an place to make a great first impression. You did justice to it.

Dorm Bedding said...

Wow, those mirrored understair cupboards are so great - love 'em!!!

French furniture said...

It's the first thing you see when coming into a house, so it should definitely be welcoming and nice.


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