Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Super cute idea for customizing your furniture with your favorite pattern

I found this in the April 2009 issue of Martha Stewart Living, and I just love it. says:
Bring sprightly designs to inexpensive chairs by covering the backs with paper, in either a single bold pattern or several coordinating ones. Ready-to-assemble (and easy-to-disassemble) chairs work best.

Tools and Materials
* Chairs (this style available at Ikea)
* Kraft paper
* Pencil
* Craft knife (or scissors)
* Cutting mat
* Sturdy patterned paper
* Decoupage glue
* Foam brush
* Bone folder

Decorative Chair Backs How-To
1. Unscrew chair back. Lay it on kraft paper. Trace outline with pencil (press chair back against paper as you trace to account for curve).

2. Cut out template with craft knife, using a cutting mat.

3. Place patterned paper facedown on cutting mat. Place kraft-paper template on top, and trace. Cut out.

22"-by-30" handmade paper: (#7385), $6 per sheet, and (#8125), $6.25 per sheet, from Print Icon, 212-255-4489. Decoupage glue and sealer, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $3.99, from Michaels, 800-642-4235.

Another cool option - instructions here


Linda/"Mom" said...

* What DARLING, creative ideas!!! ... And the chest is just "priclessly fun"!!!!!!

So glad you shared this!
LInda in AZ *

Down Pillow said...

Love this! Takes the chair from basic to adorable :)

Amy said...

That chair looks awesome!

Rachel Follett said...

I absolutely adore this idea!


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