Thursday, June 4, 2009

Great ideas to make the most out of a studio apartment

I've lived in one studio thus far and if I stay in NYC, I'm sure not my last. So, I'm constantly gathering up visual snippets of how others have made it work...

Monochrome is especially striking in a studio...

This apartment is a Brownstone studio in Brooklyn, I used to live in a similar one, and she's done a beautiful job!

I'm really liking the use of white sheers - it really makes the space "glow"
above via Apartment Therapy

A dreamy and romantic studio - I love the sheers - so romantic!

Read the article on Furniture for Small Spaces for specifics

A few random helpful pointers:

•Use up some vertical space to add storage to your small studio apartments. Don’t limit yourself to one cute basket or trunk at the end of the bed. Make sure you buy some sturdy baskets or boxes with lids. Stack them up three deep. You have tripled your storage and created a fun focal point into the room. Old wooden and leather trunks work well like this as well. Stacked baskets also work well as a night table. Stack them to the appropriate height and top them off with a piece of clear beveled glass.

•Curtains are fabulous way to hide an entire storage wall. Install a curtain track at the top of your ceiling, the kind meant to hold drapery. It should be bout 16 inches out from the wall. Use that hidden space to install shelving, hooks, and clothing racks. You can make any space into a visually appealing closet this way! To save money use colorful sheets as the curtains. If you are really tight on money you could use push pins or upholstery tacks to install you curtains to the ceiling. Just make sure you use loots of small panels so you can open these curtains whenever you need t get to something.
via Associated Content


A Stylish Presence said...

The Brooklyn space is gorgeous! Thanks so much for the images.

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

What a great post! I am on tract to graduate and move to NYC and I can assure you I will be living in a small space. Thanks for the ideas on how to make it lovely and somewhere that i'll enjoy coming home to!

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Great tips & photos! It takes so much skill to decorate studios & these are really executed wonderfully.

Futon Mattress said...

This is gorgeous! My friend actually used a futon so she could convert it to a guest bed when her friends come over. Surprisingly, the futon, when decorated, looks fantastic!


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