Friday, June 12, 2009

Cheap and Chic - Simple ways to make your home look styled and so you

I had to share these really cute and summery ideas with y'all.

You can create nice displays with mix n' match flea market or basement finds.

A large mirror can act as a light source, and looks more casual when propped on the floor. Flea markets are the way to go if you don't have a large mirror. I found one for $20 once, all I did was paint the green frame white and it looks great now!

Ad flavor to your space by accessorizing to your heart's content. Mixing patterns and textures is fine as long as they color coordinate.

This is a cool idea I've seen a lot, but my books aren't really that colorful - but you can try arranging them by color and turn your bookcase into art.

Single blooms can add more interest than a formal bouquet, in my opinion.

Memorabilia and collections are best displayed all together, like in this salon style wall.

Install wainscoting along the entirety of one wall for a custom headboard look.

Painting a stair runner and varnishing it is easier to clean than carpet - plus you have freedom to do whatever you want! Masking tape is your friend here.

via Woman's Day


Angela@acountryfeel said...

I especially like the first two pictures and the book arranging idea. I have seen bookshelfs organized by colour before and have thought about it myself too. But somehow I seem only interested in brownish coloured books... Maybe I should start 'to judge books by their cover' after all? :o)

Linda/"Mom" said...

* The stair idea is so "summery fun"~~~ (wish we had some STAIRS)!!!

Best, Linda in AZ *


The only reason ever to have a "beige" sofa...! when there is a rainbow of treasures swirling around, piled high with pillows filled with personality, and the only chance to be grounded is that desert island promising comfort.

Be well.
Do good.
All ways.
All days.

Hudson Goods said...

you inspired me to do a post on mirrors...soon! love that one!

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Some really great ideas :) I love the large mirror placed on the floor & the painted stair runner - really clever.

Blueprint Bliss said...

I love the colorful books- but I'm with you- I don't have many that are bright colors!

bluelaugh said...

Cool, painted wooden stairs. I think the wood is coming back in action. Sometimes painting looks better to do but we just take the easy way out.


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