Monday, June 1, 2009

Bobo update

I'm happy to announce that Bobo is in a loving foster home, but she still needs a permanent home. Here's the email:

" Bobo is currently in a foster home where she is doing wonderfully. She gets along well with the couple's two other dogs and is a total love with people and small children. Bottom line: Bobo has been rescued from the shelter, but still needs a loving, permanent home.

Thanks again for your caring......
Patty (NYCA)"

If you or anyone you know can give this sweetie a home, contact Patty asap at (212) 427-8273.

Here's more info. on Bobo from petfinder.



No surprise, I always want to take home the ones who have the look of weary in their eyes.

She will find her rightful home.
Keep trying.

Down Pillow said...

I hope someone can help! She looks like such a sweetie :)

Southern Aspirations said...

Thanks for the update. She certainly looks like a cutie patootie.

Lara Harris said...

Thank you so much for the update, I will still try to get the word out that Bobo still needs a forever home but amen that you were able to help find a caring family to take her in for now!:o)


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