Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great furniture repurposing ideas!

There's no better feeling than finding something (or keeping something) old and having a brilliant idea to turn it into something even better! Take care in spending adequate time and research on your project and you'll end up with a piece that will mean so much more than a bought item for a much higher price. Plus, it'll be custom!

You may have seen this awesome idea around...
Go to Crafty Nest for full article, photos, and instructions.

This chandelier would look like a designer piece in a retro or modern home.

Instructions found at Esprit Canabe

This tray is probably my favorite DIY project, created from a salvaged cupboard door.

Go to Crafty nest for instructions.

A drap wood night table looks like it came from Brocade Home with some sanding, blue paint, and a coat of shellac.
via New York Times

One can never have enough pretty bins to hold supplies or other loose objects!
This pdf from Urban Nest gives the full instructions on how to make these from cereal boxes!

Okay, so this isn't really repurposing furniture, but I love this idea. Find a branch you like and turn it into art by hanging a collection of shells (or whatever you like for that matter).
via Michelle Rago, Weddings

A hoosier separated to be turned into a media cabinet and a console.

Chicken coups as kitchen storage - just make sure they're clean! :)
via Apartment Therapy


Down Comforter said...

Some really great ideas! The tray is so clever :)

Blueprint Bliss said...

Love this post and the great ideas.

Julie said...

I love the first photo with the drawers. Very creative.

iva yaneva said...

About a month ago I found a branch in the park that I really liked and took it home with me. I got some stuff to decorate it and although it is done I haven't had time to install it over my nightstand. But it is so great to see it here as well! :)
love the other ideas too!

Christina Viering said...

Repurposing is a great idea1

kathleen said...

You have a great blog full of wonderful ideas. I have a question. Where does one get used chicken coops?

bravemomma said...

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pat said...

I love your ideas! I can't decide which I like best.

Rdekko said...

Hallo my dear. I will surely re-post some of them. They are great. Especially the chandelier. Hugs.

Best Office Furniture said...

Awesome !! great ideas........

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Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting furniture repurposing idea: My husband and I took our old neighborhood entrance sign and turned it into our dining room table. Check out this link to see the transformation:

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Dstinyseatings said...

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Jason said...

you have some amazingly wonderful ideas, I love the shells.

Chris H. Davis said...

Got some cool ideas from this post. Raring to get to work on repurposing some old furniture we have in the basement.


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