Wednesday, May 6, 2009

From my library - small space living

I thought I'd share from you some of my favorite images from one of the very first interior design books I ever purchased. It's always fun to look back!

I love these wooden floors - and the fireplace!

charming - and checkout the blue floor!

It would require a lot of tidying - but I really like the glass front pantry. Check out the mix n' match table and chairs.

I liking the look of art leaning against the wall more and more. I also really like the fuchsia carpet and the retrained fireplace decor.

I love old houses - and when a renovation includes old architectural elements I don't mind "newness" so much.

A really good way to divide spaces in a studio - this solid screen acts as a wall/headboard.

A romantic treehouse retreat...

All images from Susan Boyle's "The Smart Approach to Small Space Living"


Laura Trevey said...

Beautiful post.... I love all the natural sunlight in the rooms ... Very cheerful :)

home before dark said...

I am a sucker for barn doors in interior spaces. I am lusting over this stainless steel beauty. Looks as beautiful as watch gears! Thanks for the sunshine of your post. I think really good ideas come from small space living/designing.

Down Comforter said...

Yet again...some really great photos :) I love the bedroom with the blue floor.


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