Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Awesome treatments for your walls

Don't want to hang art or wallpaper, but just a coat of paint too boring for you? Well, Jill recently introduced me to her unique take on walls and I was impressed. She is also a talented interior designer. Check out her graphic murals...

Of her process, she says:
"The murals started a number of years ago when I had a short-term loft rental in Tribeca (NYC). I had these massive white walls and didn't want to spend a fortune on art since I'd be moving out in 6 months, so I painted the murals directly on the walls. Then other people started wanting them, too. All of my murals are painted, but there are different techniques. The geometric ones like the yellow octagons I work out in Autocad first to get the dimensions and spacing just right; then I use a laser level to tape it off. It can take days to do the taping for one of these, but then the paint just gets rolled on so that part happens pretty quickly. For the figural ones like the birds in trees, I work out the design on paper or in the computer in small scale first, then project it onto the wall and trace with a pencil. Then I hand paint all the outlines and fill them in, often needing 4 coats of paint to get the nice crisp opaque look I like---these are the most labor-intensive of the murals. I'm currently working up wallpaper designs based on the murals, which will be available on sometime in the next few months."

I think her murals are really tasteful, and are simple enough you wouldn't get tired of looking at them after awhile.

I think I'd pick this one - maybe in a high gloss cool gray over the same color in matte.
Which is your fav?

Go to Jill Crawford's website to see more!

Some of her interior design:


Lauren Jade said...

such beautiful pieces. My mother is a muralist as well but does more trompe' loiel and faux finishing. this is an interesting concept.

Shana said...

I like the first four, and the first is a bit like my photography!

I really like your blog, and it was a pleasure catching up having re-discovered it after a long time!

Bellamere Cottage said...

I am crazy about the one with the huge birds. I love the pale color choice and, even though it's large, it's still subtle. FAB!!


wendi poole said...

I love these. I so want the bird and butterfly mural.

Special Gift Items said...

i would really choose the last few which are on home interiors and furnishing they are too good i must say


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