Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My House Beautiful May Favorites

I just thought I'd share a few yummy morsels from House Beautiful's May issue - there were a handful of bright, happy, spring-time feeling goodies.

click on the image above for a larger view - the fireplace is amazing. I also love the painting above it.

I really wish I was disciplined enough to keep flowers in my apartment all the time. I love fresh flowers.

Jonathon Adler of course! - All those bright colors are so cheerful!

It's a more modern take for kitchen wallpaper - for us who like our veggies but don't want grandma's wallpaper

My dream bathroom

I love the eggplant and aqua swatches - with a tan that would be a favorite trio of mine.

All images via House Beautiful


alice said...

That bathtub is an alltime favorite! I loved the rest of that home too.

Amy said...

I love the fixtures in the hallway!

Jess said...

I'm in love with that headboard in the second picture. So lovely.

JanMary said...

Love those gorgeous images.

I was just blogging today about my search for nearly that exact shade of aqua! I really struggle to choose paint, but the decision has been made and tomorrow my new kitchen/family room will be decorated!


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