Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Check out my guest post over at the City Sage about retro decor!

Ashley from Decorology here! I think I love retro and vintage so much because it enables me to create an environment reminiscent of times when people couldn't talk on the phone while shopping for groceries, didn't eat dinner in front of the TV, and put a little more effort in personal presentation (i.e. - a time where Uggs would not be considered acceptable in the workplace - or in public for that matter) Not that I'm not guilty of weary sneakers to work from time to time....I think part of it is that we are so rushed the idea of living this way seems completely out of one's grasp. Maybe - with a little effort - if you decorate for a life where one can stop to smell the roses, one day you can!

I love this mix of modern an vintage - the classic white and black palette holds it all together (via Country Living).

Retro or vintage can be so many things - glamorous luxury, cozy and artsy, or clean and refined (via House Beautiful).

For those of us who don't have the budget - retro and "vintage" reproductions are pretty easy to find...(via Ideal Home).

country-style vintage...(via Poetic Home).

(via CasaSugar).

See the post and more at The City Sage


Jolie Morgan Musick said...

I second that emotion. There is something so wonderful about a time when everything had so much detail (they way people dressed, how clothes were made, how essential gloves were) and yet felt so simple. Great post! These updated vintage inspired homes are beautiful.

bluelaugh said...

I am in love with that wallpaper. I think it make the room feel brighter.

Velvet and Linen said...

Great post in both places!
Enjoyed it twice.



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