Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Been itching to travel?

So have I! There are so many places on my list - I was supposed to go to Ireland this summer but with my marathon that's not going to happen. Also top on my list is Rome, Paris again, India, England, and Morocco, and Australia, among others. So, for now, I'll just have to dream via these gorgeous photos from Domino and Traveller photographer Max Kim-Bee. If you could take a trip anywhere this summer, where would you go?


endless secluded beach= Heaven

Okay, so I'm thinking....a gorgeous secluded beach with my man and the house in the first photo just a stone's throw away. And masseuses on call. And some pups to play with. And horses. :)


via Warren Tricomi Management


Musette said...

I prefer autumn travel but if I just 'had' to vacation in the summer :-) I think I would drive down from Paris to Venice, then hop the vaporetto to Lido, where I would stay either at Hotel les Bains or this charming little villa just up the road.

The other, seriously luxe idea would be to drive from Paris (again) to Portofino and spend a month along the coast, using a suite at the Hotel Splendido as my base. Heaven!

My Favorite and My Best said...

that picture with the round window, paris? i've seen it before but it's just so dreamy.
for me...right now...i would be in the english countryside with all that green and i would be walking...all day walking and looking and appreciating.
but i would also be going back to my country house hotel and having a delicious dinner, bottle of wine, a massage and then a good lay with the hot groundskeeper.

Jules said...

that first house is my dream! i'd go for vacation and never come home!!!

Brandi said...

What fantastic pictures! I'd love to dive right into such scenes. My boyfriend and I have been talking about taking a trip down to Buenos Aires this summer to learn more Argentine tango, wander around the city, eat delicious food, get ready slowly in the mornings, and generally just lose ourselves in a new location. Italy and Morocco are on my list as well, but at least Italy will be a bit easier and can really be done anytime as he has family we can stay with there.

Kendall said...

I have seriously been itching to travel! Thanks for the pics and a great escape :)

Maya said...

Oh, that beach..., I would love to spend some time on the French Riviera where I have been many times before..., honestly I could live there (if I was independently wealthy)..., or the US Virgin Island, a place new to me.

RespiteandReverie said...

My favorite thing to do...daydream about lovely places to visit (and the topic of my blog!)

I've been itching to visit Italy and France...if I spend too much time away from medieval churches, I think I start feeling a little lost..

Down Comforter said...

Sounds like my kind of vacation :)


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