Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pretty curtains, pretty interiors, and a ethical company!

I was recently introduced to The Natural Curtain Company, and boy am I glad. Their site is really well done, and the styling is gorgeous.

Dreamy dining space - I love the vertical striped blinds - so airy

The curtain behind the bed is a nice idea - I still can't settle on a headboard idea - but this might work.

Sheer whites are my fav.

The way these curtains filter the light is so pretty!

Not only are these curtains lovely, the company earned accreditation from the Ethical Company Organisation which produces the Ethical Shopping Guide.

"FabricsThe Natural Curtain Company has a careful sourcing process and uses 100% natural fabrics wherever possible. We believe that as well as being inherently more attractive, natural fabrics are ethically superior to synthetic alternatives.

Energy ConservationFitting a good pair of curtains is the simplest way to reduce your energy consumption. As well as offering thick, warm and interlined curtains, we also offer a thermal insulating lining which insulates your home instead of heating your neighbourhood. We also offer thermal blinds that reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The EnvironmentThe Natural Curtain Company is environmentally aware and we strive to implement and improve measures to minimise our environmental impact, from recycling office waste to improving packaging and transport systems.

PeopleWe really value our employees and the contribution they make to the company and to its success. We provide good working conditions and pay and, as far as possible, make sure our suppliers have the same values.

The Customer is KingContrary to how many companies still do business, we understand that the customer pays our wages and therefore deserves our attention if there’s any kind of problem – without sitting on hold for a long time. In the event of a query or problem, we will do our very best to try to troubleshoot or remedy the situation."

They even have a really great online guide for properly measuring your windows.


Sa-Sea Boutique said...

I always have LOVED those drapes that hang donw! I swear nomatter how long I buy mine they never seem to fall like that! love your blog!

TheDecoDetective said...

Thanks for letting us know about eco friendly and overall ethical design companies - it's so important! These photos show that eco friendly can be super chic.

Carolina Eclectic said...

These draperies are wonderful.

Jennifer Ramos said...

Great site, thanks!
I didn't know about them. :))))

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'


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