Friday, March 13, 2009

Modern furniture and cute indie decor

I love looking at sites that are focused on teens and kids and finding things that grownups can love and use too! (not that I am a grownup, mind you) These include places like Pottery Barn Teen, The Land of Nod, and now, Spunky Sprout!

To die for dresser



Thomas Paul rugs - always lovely patterns

This would be great in an entryway for shoes

I would live in this rocking chair
These are nesting stools!
One day I have to have this magazine stand/side table! So perfectly designed!

A toy chest that looks like a mid century gem!

Pretty egg banks

via Spunky Sprout


purple area said...

Great post, so much fun and beautiful stuff. Also liked your former post from Marie Claire. So much inspiration.

Down Comforter said...

Cool pieces - the nesting stools are really clever :)

Jack said...

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Home office furniture said...

nice post and looking good..

Breanna said...

where'd you find those clocks? they are to die for so cute!

Ashley said...

The clocks are from Spunky Sprout -

Breanna said...



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