Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm back, and I come bearing the portfolio of one of my favorite photographers!

Francesco Lagnese's work takes my breath away. The atmosphere is unreal and the light is so clear. I can't explain it - you have to see for yourself!

Not too shabby a spot to take brunch...and lunch and dinner


All photos property of Francesco Lagnese


My Favorite and My Best said...

wow! you weren't kidding! amazing light. i wonder if its done in the developing? otherwise this guy is a magician. i love the beachy bedroom too. i am doing our guest room above the garage and snagged it for inspiration!

Amy said...

I'll take a nice glass of wine at that table too...couldn't imagine living somewhere with a terrace like that...how nice!

viva b. said...

wow, gorgeous


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