Monday, March 9, 2009

Gorgeous interiors from the West

I've decided to turn a rainy, gloomy day to a sunny one by scrounging up a collection of light hearted and bright interiors. I have a feeling that even if you live in a sunny locale you'll still enjoy these. What image is your favorite - what about it makes is so?

Take note that all of these rooms are relatively clutter-free, a characteristic required for a light hearted feel

This was actually a garage the owners turned into a loft! I love the chair (which I believe is from Anthropologie), and the purple accent throw.

love the rustic chest at the foot of the bed

A salvaged bench makes a pretty, one of a kind seat.

I used to have a fireplace and had I been able to find large candles like that I would have put them in mine!

I have a soft spot for mismatched chairs

Love this photo - sadly this poster has become a bit cliche.

Big fan of open kitchen shelves - if you can keep them tidy that is!

via Sunset Magazine


The Polka Dotted Owl said...

love the zebra rug room. It is soo many different styles going on, but they all go together beautifully.

Speaking of the 'Carry on' poster just saw it in last month's copy of House Beautiful:)

my favorite and my best said...

hmmm. i am drawn to the shelves with the keep calm poster (although not bc of the keep calm poster). i just love shelves with things on them. its really that simple. especially dishes. stacks of dishes is decor porn to me. i would imagine it is similar to my husband loving big boobs. if you have 'em he'd be hard pressed not to stare and drool. same with me and stacks of dishes. i digress...i plan to do a post on my own blog dedicated to shelves and dishes stacked on them.
thanks for your blog. i like it a lot.

Dallas Shaw said...

great pics


Holly and Sean said...

Gorgeous images!!! I am definitely inspired by open shelving as well.


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