Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clever tips for smaller spaces

Well, it looks like I may be moving yet again this summer, and I'm sure that whatever I can afford will be teeny tiny. Let the small space decorating research begin!

Some good advice:

1. Choose a sectional sofa so there are plenty of places to sit. This also creates a cozy room within a room and delineates a pathway behind it.

2. Make a big screen TV the focal point of the room. House it in a perfect fit cabinet and surround it with artwork.

3. Roll out an area rug inside the opening of the sectional and leave lots of hardwood floor visible. A hard-surface floor makes a space feel airier.

4. Choose a light-coloured sofa. Add throws and cushions to warm it up.

5. Place a narrow console table between the window wall and the back of the sofa. Skip the side table and place table lamps out of the way here.

6. Hang handy storage boxes in dead corners. Stack them above each other for even more storage.

7. Lean or hang artwork above built-ins to make walls feel higher.

8. Include a lightweight, small-scale coffee table that’s easy to get out of the way and can double as an end table.

9. If you’re high up, skip the window treatment. Or choose unobtrusive roller blinds.

10. Pick a sofa with legs so you can store books and mags underneath.


  • Place the bed away from the walls but close to the window so you can skip the headboard. Choose a bed that sits close to the floor to free up space at eye level.
  • Skip the side tables and use the floor for mags and books.
  • Install hanging lamps next to the bed to keep the floor clear and use a large standing lamp with a flat base for overhead lighting.
  • Keep shoes in low, wall-mounted cabinets in a row along the wall. Choose barely there roller blinds instead of drapes

A half round table with a pedestal base instead of legs takes up less space.

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Cathie said...

Well change is good and you'll make the place look great!

Isa said...

Great post! Just what I need!!!

Lauren Jade said...

I absolutely love this post!! I live in a rather small townhome and I will probably be moving somewhere with MUCH less space very soon. all these ideas are so helpful and creative. Thank you so much!

Abby said...

Great tips! I'm moving shortly too. Small space but a clean slate for decorating!

Amanda said...

I don't want you to move! Maybe we should just stay where we are. :(

Ashley said...

I know...it's sad. :(

Maria Killam said...

Congratulations on the Washington Post blog watch! We are there together so I thought I'd come over and see your post!! Love, love, love your tips on small spaces!

Anonymous said...

Love the post! I am in the process of moving to a new place and your blog is really inspiring.

Swati Ahuja Gupta said...

Love the post! I am in the process of moving to a new place and your blog is really inspiring.

Things That Inspire said...

Very clever tips - I could have used the tips when I lived in a tiny, tiny apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts!

I always wondered how my friends with babies managed in small apartments. Babies seem to come with so much stuff that is all but impossible to hide away.

Down Comforter said...

Really great tips :)


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