Monday, February 9, 2009

Really fun quiz - find out your decorating style!

Thank you Kate - for introducing me to this really fun quiz to discover your personal style. The quiz is at this cool site called Sproost. I came out %37 french eclectic, 32% vintage modern, and 31% cottage chic. Sounds spot on! Even better, once you get your results they'll tell you where to find products to recreate the style in your own home. You can even "create" rooms, and save them. Signing up is a super simple process of entering your email and choosing a password. Let me know what your results are!

Here are some of my fav. images

via Sproost


beulah designs said...

i can't wait to take the test...wonder what i am?! anyway, just wanted to pass this on...i received an "award" by another blogger and the deal is i, in turn must choose eight of my favorite blogs to then give the "award" to. it was hard to narrow down to just eight, but you are defintely part of my favorite eight! so, if you get a chance to go to my blog, you'll see the "award" (hehe) and just copy the text and then send it on to eight of your favorites! such a nice thing to do, i thought!! a nice little token of my appreciation for such a beautiful blog!!! ~jen

Tabuena art central said...

great site!!!love it!

Clare said...

HEy, great test! I did one on the other day and came out as an interiors 'home coming queen'! There are loads of different things you can be, havent seen anyone with the same taste as me yet. xx

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

I got 44% Zen, 31% Nantucket and 25% rustic revival. A liitle confused, I am.

Fun test!!

dwellings and decor said...

I am off to check that out. I love that blue living room and your new banner is fabulous!

Spiderbite said...

41% Contemporary
41% Vintage Modern
18% Cottage Chic

Sounds about right.

JanMary said...

Mine was

Your personal style is a mix of 3 specific styles:
47% Cottage Chic
33% Traditional Country
20% Nantucket Style

Which I think is spot on -especially as we have a holiday cottage near the beach!

Down Comforter said...

I see why these are some of your favorites :) I really love the blue-walled room & the 2 pics below.

Lauren said...

I got 40% Zen Style, 40% Contemporary, 20% Hollywood Couture.

I was confused by the Hollywood bit at first, but upon further examination I see that this style has a flair for the dramatic but an "everything still seems livable." feel. "It's not a space that screams: 'do not touch' - rather it almost dares you to experience its luxury." Niftyness!

The Zen/Contemporary thing totally nailed it. Great Quiz!!!


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