Monday, February 2, 2009

Interior design serenity for a monday afternoon

Monday's are tough - but looking at these rooms are a good way to relax a little. It is 4pm - so home is not too far away!

Love the blue on the walls, and the folding doors as a headboard are really pretty too.

nice salon style wall - I also love that there isn't too much matchy-matchiness going on.

A nice and bright little home office alcove. *super jealous of the sawhorse desk!!*

I'm not a fan of the cowhide rugs - sorry, I grew up seeing those rugs walking around outside my window as a kid... Regardless, this studio space is really well done. I love the fireplace, and the partition of sliding screen panels.

via Wish


Serialstyler said...

I love love love that first bedroom. The aqua marine colour with the white is serene but then such worldly charm with the ottoman, throw & doors as the headboard. Thanks for the inspiration!!

*moggit girls said...

Yeah, we're not cray about the cow hide rugs either...
we mogged about an awful cow hide covered chair - who wants to be surrounded by THAT?

Great inspiring photos!

Joy and Janet

Jane Flanagan said...

Love the salon style wall!

Amanda Rosen said...

Thank you for these... they really were soothing! I totally need that breath of freshness, especially the bedroom photos. I'm trying to redo my place for a big dinner later this month!

LexyB said...

Ah. I feel better after seeing that.

Valerie said...

I love the green velvet bench at the end of the bed..Just perfect to just sit my little self down on!!!

Loan Litigators said...

very clever on the "rugs theme" design. Nice!


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