Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun design style quiz!

So, Amana has unveiled some new options when it comes to my most often used kitchen appliance - the refrigerator. They even managed to pull in Thom Filicia on some of their designs. This quiz is actually really fun because they give you a little personality assessment after you've ordered 10 fridges from most favorite to least. So, what's your prognosis?

Go to to take the quiz's how easy it is to take it - just drag and drop:

Here are my results:

My first choice was the brocade which I got the response:

"Impeccable taste. Rich, warm and welcoming – and sometimes a little nutty. You put home and hearth first, valuing what’s on the inside. Not wanting to be eaten up by other people’s needs, you hide your inner softness beneath a slightly rough exterior. Or we’ve confused you with a brownie. In which case your inside is fudgy, too."

This is pretty close to me...I'll have to confirm with my manfriend.

My second choice was "twilight," which means:
"Calm and soothing with a touch of grace and elegance. This perfectly describes both your personality and CD collection. Never a note or pair of socks out of place, you express yourself most vividly with a slightly raised eyebrow. Friends often wonder how you maintain your cool in all circumstances. We suspect large quantities of dark chocolate."

hmmm...this is how I wish I could be...

Oh yeah, it's not just the first fridge you pick that dictates your personality - I tested it!


Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...


Ms Unreliable said...

Try 1 - Type 15 - I'm a pina colada loving lady with a laissez-faire attitude towards life, who only stresses out when the blender breaks. Not too far from the truth.

Try 2 - Type 16 - A doughnut hole?! When I'm full of energy I'm a strawberry sprinkle covered donut, and when I've run out of energy, I'm a jelly donut. So in conclusion, I'm bi-polar. Where's my therapist rec?!


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