Monday, January 12, 2009

What should we name the new puppy? (puppy pics!)

My parents have been carefully researching and searching for an Australian Shepherd puppy. They knew it was meant to be when they saw this little guy. He's an absolute charming ball of fluff. He has such a beautiful, expressive face - those eye brows are a hoot! Anyway, he's yet to be far my parents like Oliver and Cayden - but they are open for suggestions. What do you think he looks like?

...the face of innocence... ;)

my parents's kitchen table is no stranger to the puppy teething process

oh the fluff!


wendi said...

Don't name him Chewy. We did that with Our new puppy. We named him Chewbacca because he looks like chewbacca but he has lived up to the name chewy. At a year and a half he is still going strong eating everything. Aussies are great! Congrats!

Anonymous said...


wen said...


Anonymous said...

Murphy :)

Innovative Defense said...







Anonymous said...

He really looks like an Oliver, which is a popular boy's name in Australia.

Tracey McBride said...

Our first dog (the sweetest, MOST gentle & loyal dog in existence) was an Aussie mix. His name was Dooley. Your puppy has the same sweet and gentle look in his eyes as did our Dooley.
P.S. What a gorgeous dog.

Sharon said...

Mosby!! oh wait, how about Oscar?
he's really adorable

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh gosh, I'm in love!
I have to say, I really approve of the name Oliver. Either that or Henry. Both seem to suit him.

kirbydog said...

KIRBY!!! That's my 12 yr old wheaten terrier's name. That pup is just as cute as my "Kirb-Kirb" is.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Does he KNOW how darn cute he is??!

Oliver looks like a great name...I like Tetley too. or Bogart.

Like Henry for him too.

So many will just fit like a glove.

What a sweet ball of fluff!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Does he KNOW how darn cute he is??!

Oliver looks like a great name...I like Tetley too. or Bogart.

Like Henry for him too.

So many will just fit like a glove.

What a sweet ball of fluff!

A-M said...

He looks like a Winston to me! He's gorgeous! A-M xx

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

He sooo looks like a Teddy to me.

Cherry Blossom Photography said...


Serialstyler said...

What about Humphery? It's the nme of a bear on a tv show over here in Oz. Or Ted. He is like a big bear so I think those names suit him.

Anonymous said...

He has a questioning, somewhat superior look... so how bout
Aristotle (too many syllables)

... I like Plato best


Anonymous said...

Charlie Chaplin
Buster Keaton
Wilford Brimley

If the word "NO!" is to be used around him, stay away from strong O names. No Daddy-O/Milo/Plato for him unless your parents decide to go with "NEIN!" or "NYET!"

Sharon said...

Orsen, Wyle, Renoir, Prince, Charlie, sitcom, Gomer, Floofy, Spade, Palmer, Darcy, Rochester, Joely, Rapman.

I don't know! But we have a female that looks just like her! I just did a post on her bath a few days ago.

Good luck, he is beautiful!!

aussiemom said...

He is a beautiful aussie! I personally have 4 and wouldn't own another breed of dog, they are the best! I tend to name mine western/country names. I have a friend who has a blue merle that looks a lot like this one and his name is Gus...short and easy to say especially when you are working on obedience! Good luck with the new puppy!

Jennifer Ramos said...

Hmmm he looks like a Max...but I also like the names"NaNook" Or however you spell it. That was the name of Corey Haim's dog in that Popular vampire movie called"The Lost Boys".

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

citysage said...

OH MY GOODNESS! He is just too adorable. I couldn't even begin to suggest a name--so much of it has to do with meeting the pup and seeing his personality!

But he is so precious, I wish I could reach through the screen and snuggle him! I know he will never replace the beloved pet you guys said goodbye to recently, but what a wonderful thing it is to meet a new friend!

Laurel_Speak said...

oh so cute! I think he looks like an oliver!

Anonymous said...




prettywithribbons said...

At first class I thought he looked like a marshmallow. Soft and fluffy. But he has the brown with the white oozing out all over. Call him S'mores.

Ms Unreliable said...

Kevvi, after our Aussie Prime Minister :D

AlexisT said...

Awww he is so cute. Call him Marley...jk. I like Oliver!

♥Future Baby Mama♥ said...

Gus. He looks like a Gus. Maybe even Gus-Gus, like in Cinderella.


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