Monday, January 5, 2009

What 2009 interiors will look like...

If IdealHome is right, looks like we have pretty palettes and feminine touches to look forward to in 2009. This is alright by I loved almost everything they predicted! How about you?

I'm not a big fan of most wall stickers, but I adore the ruffly rose pillow, and Ikea's tiny little side table!

The light blue accent color they utilize here is one of my favorite colors, and white of course!

IdealHome also predicts that metallic will stick around, but perhaps in slightly subdued patinas like mother of pearl.

I love this palette! Duck-egg blue and rose! It's so relaxing and pretty. I also love the neutral, eco-friendly look of the couch- though my books are never all the same colors...

Restaurant style dining is in they say. I think anything to encourage everyone to eat at the table and not in front of the tv is a good thing!

Floral prints - I love what textile designers have been doing to modernize the floral print, like this sketchy, half-colored upholstery.

A striking bedroom in always chic black and white. I love the french gray nightstands and the old luggage used as storage. The headboard is just foam core, mdf, and fabric!

Images via IdealHome


Down Comforter said...

So many adorable finds! Oh, I want to shop right now :) I especially love the tree wall decal & rose pillow in the second photo.

Girl Stuff said...

I agree with down comforter. I was just telling a friend we should draw a tree on her bathroom wall. And she was saying to do hooks instead of a towel rod. I like the new colors but husband would die.

citysage said...

Ideal home is simply the best! Next to Elle Decoration UK, it's one of my fave mags.

And I just LOVE the idea of soft mother of pearl tones. Just a little bit of shimmer without going over the top...right up my alley!


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