Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweet Scandinavian Style for a sweet price (and a few steps up from Ikea)

I'm starting to like CB2 more and more these days. They seem to be offering more versatile furniture and accessories, instead of all cold steel modern furnishings. Here are some things I'd love to have from their first look 09 catalog.

I *love* this Platform coffee table - it has two drawers (hello storage), and I love the modern retro design. I also love the $399 price tag. The Dane table lamp - only $99, and oh so pretty. I'm not usually one for wall decals and wall "sculpture," but I thought these rubber decor forms were sort of pretty. They'd look nice down a hallway wall.

Those cute and simple tea light sconces are only $2.50! One also can't have enough simple cylindrical vases in various sizes. Sadly mine broke last time I moved, and I've been meaning to get more. They're a great option for people who only get flowers occasionally, because in between bouquets you can fit all sorts of interesting objets d'art. The Darjeeling dining table is a favorite of mine, the wood grain is gorgeous. Rare saal wood is reclaimed from old Indian railroad ties, restored, and pieced in a natural plank mosaic.

via CB2

Image background swatch from Scandinavian Design Center


Serialstyler said...

I love the look. A little bit modern with a warmth to it via the timber & flowers. Great stuff!

jess@thehomebound said...

ok, I may have to rethink my idea of them now as well. I really like this look.

citysage said...

I have a love hate thing with CB2---some of their stuff looks a bit cold, but one thing I'm in love with is their dining room tables---there are some seriously gorgeous pieces! The one you featured is a fave, and then there's this one with metal legs and a glass top, held together with these awesome rivets. I'd love to see it paired with mismatched wood chairs to balance out the industrial feel.

the quality of their pieces is uniformly excellent---i've bought their trig desk for clients and the lubi daybed for myself, and both have been fabulous!


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