Monday, January 26, 2009

Never fails to disappoint: Canadian House and Home

Oh Canadian House and Home, how I wish a year subscription shipped to the states weren't so pricey. I often argue with myself though that it would be worth it. I often check them out at the bookstore but it's just not the same as having it in my home, and the magazine is consistently gorgeous.

via Apartment Therapy

I really like the picture ledge on the wall.
via igloo blog

via At Home with Kim Vallee
look at the back wall! so pretty

via The Door Store

via Double Happiness

via This is Glamorous

via Design*Sponge

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Lauren said...

Oh thanks for sharing!!!! always on the lookout!!

Down Comforter said...

Love the doors used as a "headboard". Fun & original idea.

mudrick said...

You can subscribe to a digital edition online for a much more reasonable price. It's like flipping through a virtual magazine.

Serialstyler said...

Loving the screen behind the bed very country with a modern twist in having that lamp. Also would die for that blue bathroom, the sink design towards the base is so unique. Great post!

At Home with Kim Vallee said...

Canadian House and Home is great source of inspiration. A new editor, Suzanne Dimma entered in function. She already said that she planned to infuse a younger style. I look promising. This reminds me that I need to renew my subscription.

Thanks for the mention.

At Home with Kim Vallee said...

Like mudrick said, US and International readers can go for the digital issues at $24.95. I know the feeling is not the same but it works very well. I subscribe to the digital and paper version.

*moggit girls said...

We LOVE Canadian House and Home too- could be partially due to the fact that we are Canucks though... ;)

Joy and Janet


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