Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My favorites from this month's Domino - what are yours?

There was one piece in particular I really loved from the February issue of Domino. It was a piece on flowers as decor and the photography and styling was particularly beautiful - and achievable! What do you think - what's your favorite "flower style"?

Modern rustic?

Romantic sophisticate?

or Exotic bohemian?

There was also a house tour featured which had some nice photos:

Love the black for the bathroom walls, and the framed detention paper!

via February 2009 Domino


alice said...

This was a great issue overall!
I can't pick a favorite out of all these pretty flowers; I love all the contrast between the flowers themselves and their backdrops!

Room design studio said...

Domino is great.. some issues were not as good as it was when it first started but it definetly picked up again quickly..
oh and the detention list is plain funny!!

Landscape Designs said...

The colour of the room setup just matches perfectly. I do like this flowers - very simple and yet beautiful!



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